Enter The Zohar is a video presentation of 7 short lessons about The Zohar for people who are seeking meaningful and practical answers about the meaning of their lives, the purpose of creation and their relationships with the laws of nature.

The Zohar fuses everything there is to know about reality into a precise spiritual science that allows the student to reveal who they are, why events in their lives happen and what they can do to attain happiness.

00:15 Lesson 1 – Book

09:58 Lesson 2 – Language

15:44 Lesson 3 – Who Reads The Zohar?

21:28 Lesson 4 – History

27:52 Lesson 5 – One Law

34:00 Lesson 6 – What Do I Do?

39:19 Lesson 7 – Love More On The Zohar?

If you’re interested in The Zohar and everything it has to offer at a deeper level, additional resources and information are provided as well. We recommend starting with a beginner course in the fundamentals of Kabbalah. Courses are free, and there are self-study video classes available to start immediately.

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